Are you automating your insurance operations? It has been well documented that the insurance workforce is aging. According to the Pew Research Center, millennials make up the largest share of the U.S. workforce, yet only 4% are interested in working in the insurance industry. Insurance has never been a sexy career path, unless you either knew someone or had family in the insurance industry. The problem is not enough new talent is entering into insurance creating an increasing gap in knowledge from the Baby Boomer generation all the way down to Generation Z.

On the flipside, millennials are finding themselves in either management or leadership positions, and will soon to be ceeding duties to Generation Z. There is a new generation of decision makers and they are not looking for new technology to enhance their careers or operations, they expect it. Insurance firms, and brokers cannot continue to display insurance information that is unfamiliar to how these generations process data.

As a broker, we have to ask ourselves these 3 questions:

What am I doing to increase value to my clients?
How can I leverage technology to enhance my offering?
What can I offer my clients that is different than my competition?

By leveraging automation, and quoting software an aging broker population can reduce cost, increase profits, and EBITDA while remaining current/modern in the eyes of their clients. At PerfectQuote, we are bridging the gap between generations by providing our users (brokers and employer groups) an easy tool to sort thru hundreds of plan options with a modern feel. Please contact us to learn more!