Did you know that multi-sensory experiences build a sense of ownership? For example, at the Apple store, trainers who teach customers how to use Apple products in “One to One” workshops do not touch the computer without permission. Instead, they guide customers to find the solutions themselves. By creating an ownership experience, customers become more loyal to the brand.

How do we, as an evolving industry, create an ownership experience with health insurance? How can we increase loyalty with insurance brokers and increase client retention? The simple answer is with touch. Putting all of the employee benefits plan data physically in the hands of the client creates significant psychological effects during the sales process. HINT – We aren’t talking about spreadsheets. We are talking about guiding your clients to find the perfect quote.

The Harvard Business Review states that “touch can also create symbolic connections between people and products, and between buyers and sellers. Physically or tactically touching products can create a sense of psychological ownership, thereby, driving must-have purchase decisions. Consumers use their hands to connect with brands.

PerfectQuote is changing the game for insurance brokers all over the country. Don’t use excel to sell insurance. That is bullsheet. Instead, use PerfectQuote to create a multi-sensory, interactive, and dynamic insurance renewal for your clients. Transform yourself from an insurance broker and into an insurance consultant today.