At PerfectQuote we make it a point to recognize our team members that go above and beyond what their job description might entail.  From the praise we give for excellent customer support to the shout-outs when we win a new client (complete with theme music, of course!), it is important to recognize quality work. We are proud to showcase Curtis Kadohama, our Vice President of Product.  Curtis and his team have been working tirelessly to make PerfectQuote an industry leading quoting platform that just keeps getting better. 

This month PerfectQuote released a flurry of enhancements including a new agency experience, multi-factor authentication, and how medical plans are displayed.  

Curtis has been working brutal hours, juggling roadmap priorities and yet stayed calm and collected through these delivery sprints. And he and his team have been hitting the mark on the timelines.

One of the most recent deliverables comes in the way of a new Employer Group view.  The Employer Group view has been reorganized so that key steps are now aligned with the renewal workflow. This new view brings more usability and intuitiveness to the process and eliminates transitioning to multiple places within the platform.   

Curtis also worked to further increase the security of the PerfectQuote platform.  We recently added multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an access control that requires two or more methods of authentication to verify a user’s identity to log in. This feature is now available to our clients at no cost, as part of our workplace security functionality. 

Earlier this summer Curtis and his team updated our medical view experience.  This new medical view further aligns PerfectQuote with broker workflows – preparing our platform for the renewal season and setting our clients up for success.

This is just a start to the many deliverables and enhancements Curtis has on his list for 2022.  Which is why we are showcasing and thanking him for his work.  He continually listens to our clients and weaves their requests into what we are building.  He is a vital team member helping us build a platform that is transforming how agencies work. We’re lucky to have him part of our team.