Four Things You Should Look For In A Group Insurance CPQ Solution

Tips from PerfectQuote, the leading Group Insurance CPQ solution built by and for brokers.
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Group Insurance CPQ software is still a relatively new field – and as such the features of different CPQ solutions vary widely. Choosing a CPQ solution that doesn’t meet all of your quoting and presentation needs means you won’t see the ROI you’re expecting. Because of this, it’s imperative to perform your due diligence before investing in a CPQ solution for your firm.

In this article we’ll walk through the capabilities and features to consider when investigating CPQ solutions, based both on our experience as brokers and the years we’ve spent honing and refining our own CPQ solution to meet our clients’ needs. We’ll also discuss potential pitfalls of some of the platforms we’ve encountered, and where PerfectQuote fits in.


1. Capabilities: Carriers, Group Sizes & Markets

Many of the Group Insurance CPQ platforms available today are focused solely on the Small Group (ACA) market. Some are limited to specific markets and don’t support all 50 states. Others may require a lot of time to create a proposal library that requires maintenance. Even some of the big-name CPQ tools we’ve looked at don’t provide support for carriers that send proposals in PDF, Excel or Word docs.

If you service mid-market or large market employer groups, ACA-only solutions mean that much of your CPQ process will still be done manually, outside of the platform – this isn’t going to provide you the efficiency needed to justify making the investment.

On the other hand, if small employer groups are your entire book of business, then a lighter-weight CPQ solution may fit your needs – at least for now. However, as your business grows or you expand your market focus, you’ll find these solutions lack some essential features, like support across multiple states, and aren’t able to handle ancillary products or large employer groups.

That’s why we recommend you look for a CPQ solution that is able to handle any carrier and any size group, but also offers flexible pricing so you’re not paying for features you don’t need right now.

How do we measure up? PerfectQuote supports ACA/Small group medical across all 50 states and large group medical, dental, life, and disability products with any carrier. It’s uniquely positioned to support any size group and any carrier across all US markets, with flexible pricing that lets you pay for only the features you need.

Look for a solution that can grow with your business - that means support for ancillary products and large group

One of PerfectQuote’s key differentiators is the ability to handle any carrier proposal for any size group – small group, mid-market and large market.

  • The PerfectQuote platform pulls in ACA product data via API so these plans can be quickly analyzed and added to a presentation.
  • For Large Group and Ancillary products, carrier proposal documents sent by your carrier representatives via Word, Excel, or PDF can be uploaded directly – without any data entry.
  • The system digitizes the proposal, formats the data, and then allows you to compare it side-by-side with other plans – in a matter of minutes. This way, you can compare all your available options on one platform and generate a client presentation without ever leaving the application.


While our ability to handle the needs of large employer groups is a huge part of what makes PerfectQuote a leader in the CPQ space, we haven’t forgotten about optimizing efficiency for small groups. One small group feature that allows you to engage clients more effectively is the ability to send small employer groups a link so they can select specific plans they’d like to be included in your presentation. Or if they’re happy with their current plan, you can send them a link to self-renew.

2. Client Presentation Tools

Renewals are complex presentations involving binders of spreadsheets – they don’t allow for quick changes and are very difficult to deliver remotely. Some CPQ solutions seek to address these needs with presentation tools that allow for on-the-fly adjustments (for example, contribution strategy). This is especially helpful for remote presentations and allows for a more collaborative approach. But not all CPQ solutions will have these tools – some still rely on spreadsheets as the final client presentation. Each Group Insurance CPQ solution will have their own capabilities and limitations when it comes to how they approach the final client presentation.

To get the most out of your CPQ solution, we recommend you look for CPQ presentation tools that enable you to make the sale in a single presentation meeting. Make a list of common client requests and make sure that your CPQ software can make these adjustments on-the-fly so you can reduce back-and-forth with clients. If you’re a larger firm with an established presentation style and don’t see yourself using these kinds of presentation tools, look for a solution that allows for custom, branded exports. You can still use the CPQ tools to generate another spreadsheet quickly in response to client requests.

How do we measure up? PerfectQuote‘s presentation tools are designed to allow on-the-fly changes to the most common client requests. The presentation tools allow dynamic real-time adjustments to:

  • Carriers presented
  • Census changes
  • Contribution strategy modeling
  • Alternative plan designs (deductibles, co-insurance, etc.)
  • Last-minute carrier discounting


Presentation tools can save time and help you get contracts signed quicker

PerfectQuote’s client presentation tools are designed to support ease-of-presentation, whether that’s being done in-person, remotely (Zoom), or with traditional spreadsheets. That’s why in addition to our presentation tools, we also provide the capability to export your presentation in a more traditional spreadsheet format. We understand that some of your clients are going to be more comfortable with spreadsheets – our goal is to provide you with the options you need while saving you as much time as possible.

3. Integration with Existing CRM and Benefits Software

Many of the big-name CPQ solutions available are sold as part of a suite of software that includes products like CRM and Enrollment software. These companies want to sell you their whole product ecosystem and don’t have much incentive to integrate with other CRMs, Agency Management Platforms, or Online Enrollment / Benefits Administration systems.

While there are advantages to investing in these integrated product suites, many business owners prefer to define their own tech ecosystem. What if you’re perfectly happy with your current CRM and don’t want to undertake a huge data migration and re-training effort just to implement a CPQ solution?

In order to maximize efficiency, you should look for a Group Insurance CPQ platform that’s going to integrate with your existing infrastructure – otherwise you may be facing duplicate or even triplicate data entry, which will cut into the efficiencies you’ve gained.

How do we measure up? No other platform on the market has the capability (or willingness) to integrate with as many platforms as PerfectQuote. At PerfectQuote, Group Insurance CPQ is our sole focus – we’re not trying to sell you a suite of products. We’re happy to integrate with your existing systems to get you the maximum efficiency. Any software that provides an API can be integrated. We’ve already developed integrations with BenefitPoint/Vertafore and have an agreement with Employee Navigator to integrate this year, with others on the horizon.

If for any reason you aren’t looking to integrate your CRM with your CPQ platform, or you want to use PerfectQuote with a CRM that doesn’t allow us access, we also offer the ability to export quote data so you can upload it to your other platforms without having to manually enter the data.

4. Onboarding Training and Customer Support

When investigating Group Insurance CPQ, ask what the implementation and training process is like. Are there any additional fees for training? What kind of customer support is available? Look for a solution that has onboarding training – no matter how easy it looks in the sales call, there will always be a need for training, especially for less tech-savvy teammates.

How do we measure up? We work hard to deliver an exceptional product, but another key feature of PerfectQuote is our training and customer support. You want your implementation of Group Insurance CPQ software to be successful – and so do we. Your PerfectQuote subscription includes onboarding training and one-on-one support from a real US-based team member. No waiting in chat queues for hours or wading through bureaucracy to speak to someone who can’t resolve your issues.

Here’s just one message from a happy customer about our support:

“I just wanted to give a shoutout to Dan on your team; his service today was amazing!!! He was so helpful and professional I can not thank him enough for the level of service he provided and thought you should know!”

– Cragin & Pike

PerfectQuote: The Market Leader for Group Insurance CPQ

The genesis of PerfectQuote was the idea of real brokers that have worked in the industry and understand your pain points. Over the past three years, it has been continually improved in response to client feedback. Today, it sits at the forefront of the Group Insurance CPQ market.

PerfectQuote can handle any size group, offers presentation tools that are second-to-none, and will integrate with more CRMs than any other CPQ software. And unlike some solutions, PerfectQuote will meet you wherever your needs are right now, with a flexible pricing model that allows you to pay for only the features you need.

PerfectQuote comes in four packages: ACA, ACA+, Flagship and Enterprise. See the chart below for a quick guide to each level.

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