2020: A Year of Big Changes

In a spectacularly trying 2020, we at PerfectQuote were very busy adding even more efficiency and functionality to our Group Insurance CPQ solution. Below is a list of the enhancements we delivered to bring even greater functionality and efficiency for our users.

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Plan Selection and Analysis Updates

  • Added support for quote uploads from 100+ national carriers
  • Redesigned plan creation workflow to reduce onboarding/renewal time.
  • Implemented key ancillary plan benefits to capture critical group data points (ex: Earnings Definition, Portability, SS offsets, Rate Guarantees etc.).
  • Enabled one-click add of plans to Benefit Builder.
  • Added ability to toggle ACA plan premiums as driven by tier rates vs age rates.
  • Enhanced Benefit Builder tool to support presentation of plans by Options.
  • Re-vamped ACA Census to streamline employee/dependent data input.
  • Added our ACA Plan Library to allow one-click creation of ACA plans.

Client Presentation Updates

  • Re-organized presentation of ACA Medical Prescription benefits.
  • Added support for ACA Medical plan Enrollment Modeling, to assign employees to specific plans for accurate evaluation.
  • Redesigned export for easier comparison and deeper analysis.
  • Added one-click added of plans from Renewal Plans view to Benefit Builder presentation tool.

Operational Efficiency Improvements

  • Completed integration with industry leading CRM (for plan, group updates) to increase quality of data maintained AND eliminate manual data entry
  • Reporting on Firm user activity (logins, group engagement, renewal activities etc.) to allow you to measure effective of your staff.
  • Ability to include/exclude specific carriers from ACA Med plans returned.
  • Added workflow flexibility to allow Employer Groups to be accessible to any team member.

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