PerfectQuote® was created in Austin, TX by brokers for brokers. We recognized that the insurance industry was evolving, but the technology available wasn’t (it was nonexistent). So we built it.

We’re industry pioneers, and PerfectQuote® is our flagship product. Our mission is to provide insurance brokers and insurance carriers real-time data to reduce spend, lower premiums, and improve overall employee health. Stay tuned: we’ll be rolling out more game-changing features soon.

We’re making spreadsheeting a dirty word.

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Quickly compare quotes

Sort through hundreds of plans in seconds to help clients find the best plan at the lowest price.

Instant cost analysis

Super-simple display that shows the increases and decreases for key decision points across all benefits.

More deals, faster

Sort and filter down to the perfect plan, perform contribution analysis, and check out – all in one meeting.

Eliminates human error

Any carrier. Any size group. Flawlessly upload tons of information without any pesky human intervention.

Access it anywhere

Cloud-based technology that’s available wherever you are – perfect for brokers on the go.

Engage your clients

Sleek, world-class platform that shows your tech-savvy clients you’re an in-the-know industry expert.


PerfectQuote® ACA

PerfectQuote® ACA lets brokers upload their census and request small group medical quotes in seconds, in all 50 states. Once rates are delivered, there’s no mind-numbing spreadsheet analysis or paper proposals. Unlike other companies, with PerfectQuote® you can shop for plans, perform contribution analysis, and renew clients right from our platform.


Our flagship PerfectQuote® product gives you everything you get with PerfectQuote ACA®, plus small, medium, and large group medical, dental, vision, life, and disability products. It’s everything in a broker’s book of business, all in one suite. Quickly compare quotes, get instant cost analysis, filter down to the perfect plan, and flawlessly upload tons of information, all from our platform within seconds. Yep, without spreadsheets.

PerfectQuote® VBX

PerfectQuote VBX® allows broker firms to sell insurance directly to customers by leveraging cutting edge technology.  We use AI and decision support to allow business owners to shop and compare hundreds of group health plans in seconds, while guiding them to the perfect quote with the best benefits and lowest price. Once selected, the broker firm will get an order confirmation to bind coverage. Never heard of a service like this before? That’s because we invented (and patented) it.



More Plan Options


16:1 ROI
Broker Firm Return

Coolness Factor



The insurance industry is evolving.
PerfectQuote® helps you evolve with it.

Our revolutionary technology brings your business up to speed. No paper, no painstaking data entry, no spreadsheets. It’s the perfect solution for today’s insurance brokers.

You can quote us on that.


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