Our Mission

PerfectQuote is pioneering a new way of quoting and selling group health insurance.

How We Got Here

The technology didn’t exist, so we had to create it.

PerfectQuote CEO Justin Sylvester was working as a broker on a particularly demanding client when he knew something had to give.

Justin had already spent 18 hours on the road and 6 hours in client meetings—not to mention the 12+ hours the team spent building and rebuilding error-filled spreadsheets. All told, this one engagement took 50+ hours.

Surely other brokers were having this problem, right?

They were—because the way brokers were selling insurance just wasn’t efficient. They needed a better solution.

Inspired by stories of founders working out of their garages at night, in 2017 Justin and his fellow co-Founder, Aaron Snyder, started on their journey to develop software that could handle all the needs of a broker, all in one setting.

That solution is PerfectQuote.


A support team who understands you.

PerfectQuote takes pride in hiring professionals from the benefit insurance industry.

Our training and support team have deep insurance backgrounds, with previous roles as account managers at a brokerage firm, selling insurance or quoting benefits.

PefectQuote has great leadership and great people working for them.

Their team is smart, dedicated, and they really listen to how we use the system, which helps them have great suggestions during our training times.”
Sandy K.
Director, Small Group Benefits

Justin Sylvester


Aaron Snyder

President / COO

Curtis Kadohama

VP, Product

Emily Richmond

Customer Success Manager

Dan Hettrich

Director of Sales

Chaz Ripoll

VP, Client Services

Crystal Bustillos

Quote Manager

Emilie Andre

Customer Success Representative

Michael Kenneth

Sales Representative

Robyn Maccarrone

Customer Success Representative

Cassidy Christensen

Customer Success Representative

Meet the team.

We are insurance and benefit experts with extensive industry and agency experience.


Want to join us in transforming the insurance industry? We’re looking for smart, talented, cool
people who work hard, think differently, and can hit the ground running.

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