Benefits brokers enjoy enhanced efficiency and growth potential with PerfectQuote + BenefitPoint integration

PerfectQuote® has long had a two-way integration with BenefitPoint, a Vertafore agency management system designed specifically for benefits agencies and brokers. This integration

helps BenefitPoint customers better manage their entire benefits procurement, analysis and sales presentation efforts—saving them thousands every year on data entry costs.


An AMS like BenefitPoint performs best when all the data points are populated and kept up-to-date. If an agency’s book of business does not reflect accurate data, it hinders the AMS’s usefulness and creates a number of problems for agencies.

Without accurate data across the agency’s book of business, agencies cannot:

  • Present benchmarking data
  • Cross-sell new products
  • Track agency financials and agent compensation

Agencies often struggle to keep that data up-to-date because they obtain information from many external places such as spreadsheets, PDF files and other document repositories.

This was challenging for BenefitPoint users; keeping data in multiple places meant it took more time to enter and was less likely to be accurate since it needed to be manually updated. 

Additionally, while BenefitPoint modernizes agency records, it doesn’t directly handle their benefits quoting. Agencies desire an integrated experience to quote new business and conduct renewals and manage client and prospect data. 


PerfectQuote joined Vertafore’s Orange Partner Program, which enables agencies to integrate complementary, best-in-class business solutions (PerfectQuote) with their Vertafore products (BenefitPoint). The program allows Vertafore customers to choose the tools and services that are tailored to best meet their business needs.

PerfectQuote makes client management even smoother for BenefitPoint users by eliminating the manual work involved with benefits quoting. PerfectQuote’s ACA medical rating tool combined with the PerfectQuote Proposal Reader creates a comprehensive quoting solution. The PerfectQuote Proposal Reader quickly and accurately scans and extracts plan details and rates from any medical and/or ancillary carrier proposals. 

The two-way integration between PerfectQuote and BenefitPoint creates a seamless exchange of information, enabling benefits brokers to:

  • Update each solution with critical information in nearly real time to account for changes that are inevitable in the rapidly changing insurance landscape.
  • Use data in both solutions to reduce the time required for client-ready sales presentations.
  • Eliminate data entry errors and save valuable time spent on redundant tasks when company benefits decision data is automatically uploaded in either solution.

PerfectQuote not only helps the AMS customers with quoting during renewal season but also with benefits administration tasks throughout the year. PerfectQuote integrates with Employee Navigator, so employers can self-administer any changes throughout the year, such as adding/removing lives or changing plan options in their benadmin portal. Those changes then come back into BenefitPoint through PerfectQuote. 

Listen to Doug Mohr, VP of Industry Relationships & Partnerships at Vertafore, as he joins us on The P’s and Q’s Podcast by PerfectQuote


The PerfectQuote integration into BenefitPoint enables agencies to increase revenue and profitability while improving customer loyalty. 

“The data imported into PerfectQuote from BenefitPoint on the front end saves time and allows for the team to simply review the imported data versus manually entering it. It also eliminates our requirement to complete a peer review for accuracy,” said Josh Simerman, Vice President, Director of Employee Benefits Placement & Carrier Relations at World Insurance Associates LLC.

Integrations are an often overlooked but essential part of how quoting platforms, like PerfectQuote, provide a real return on investment for brokerage firms. Eliminating duplicate data entry in CRM and benadmin software alone can save firms upwards of $50,000 every year and often pays for the initial investment.