Justin Sylvester, Co-Founder and CEO of PerfectQuote

The P's & Q's Podcast by PerfectQuote, hosted by Kevin Dawson. A podcast to discuss all things related to benefits, insurance, and technology.

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Justin Sylvester, Co-Founder, and CEO of PerfectQuote joins P’s & Q’s Host Kevin Dawson for some Pints and Questions to share his story on how PerfectQuote came to be and his thoughts on the future of insurance and technology working together.

Justin had already spent 18 hours on the road and 6 hours in client meetings—not to mention the 12+ hours the team spent building and rebuilding error-filled spreadsheets. All told, this one engagement took 50+ hours.

Surely other brokers were having this problem, right?

They were—because the way brokers were selling insurance wasn’t efficient. They needed a better solution.

Inspired by stories of founders working out of their garages at night, in 2017 Justin and his fellow co-Founder, Aaron Snyder, started on their journey to develop software that could handle all the needs of a broker, all in one setting.

That solution is PerfectQuote.

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