Alan Katz, Co-Founder NextAgency

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In this episode of the P’s & Q’s Podcast by PerfectQuote, we share some pints and questions with Alan Katz, Co-Founder and CEO of NextAgency. We discuss how NextAgency is helping brokers build and manage their agencies more efficiently, and build more profitablely into their business. Leveraging the power of technology, more small to mid-sized agencies are able to tackle the changing market and spend more time taking care of their clients and less time dealing with busy work. We also talk about how NextAgency has helped their users work with PerfectQuote.

About Alan
Alan served as SVP for Individual and Small Group Sales at WellPoint (now Anthem) and Chief Sales Officer at SeeChange Health. Alan entered the insurance industry in 1983 and is a past President of the National Associations of Health Underwriters (now NABIP). He received NABIP’s “Person of the Year” award in 2013. Alan was an attorney with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Chief of Staff to California’s Lt. Governor. He has written and spoken extensively on sales, marketing, technology, and business planning.

About NextAgency:
NextAgency’s Purpose: Help Brokers Win. The benefits world is changing.

New legislation. New competitors. New responsibilities and expectations. Never has the market demanded as much from benefit brokers. Never has it demanded greater efficiency.That’s why we created NextAgency: to help you build the agency of your dreams. And that’s why we’re constantly enhancing NextAgency: to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

About PerfectQuote:
PerfectQuote is a group insurance quoting platform that helps benefits brokers and general agents procure, analyze and sell benefits insurance faster, error-free, and without any need for data entry. PerfectQuote is cloud-based software used by Top-50 agencies, regional, local firms, and general agencies operating within the employee benefits industry. PerfectQuote is proud to call Austin, Texas home.

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