Jackie Hermes, Founder & CEO of Accelity Marketing

The P's & Q's Podcast by PerfectQuote, hosted by Kevin Dawson. A podcast to discuss all things related to benefits, insurance, and technology.

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In this episode of the P’s & Q’s Podcast by PerfectQuote, we share some pints and questions with Jackie Hermes, Founder & CEO of Accleity Marketing. We discuss how insurance agencies should embrace marketing and technology to grow their businesses. Jackie shares insights into what changes she has seen take place in the insurance industry as she has worked with many InsurTech firms over the last decade, and how brokers and their clients have adapted to new technology.

About Accelity:
As a unique agency comprised of entrepreneurs (over half of us have side hustles or are former entrepreneurs!), we help growth-stage B2B software companies grow. From planning to execution, our team of growth-minded marketers has one goal: driving revenue growth for B2B businesses. Marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. From video marketing and sales enablement to highly targeted inbound campaigns, our talented team loves customizing strategies to best serve each company’s unique growth goals. To learn more, visit accelitymarketing.com or contact hello@accelitymarketing.com.

About PerfectQuote:
PerfectQuote is a group insurance quoting platform that helps benefits brokers and general agents procure, analyze and sell benefits insurance faster, error-free, and without any need for data entry. PerfectQuote is cloud-based software used by Top-50 agencies, regional, local firms, and general agencies operating within the employee benefits industry. PerfectQuote is proud to call Austin, Texas home.

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