Mark Rieder, Head of Innovation, NFP

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In this episode of the P’s & Q’s Podcast by PerfectQuote, we share some pints and questions with Mark Rieder, Head of Innovation at NFP. We discuss how brokerages like NFP are working to implement technology with their teams after making aqcuisitions of smaller agencies to improve effeciencies. As well as how smaller agencies can make themselves more attractive as merger partners by utilizing technology to become more profitbale. Mark also shares with us what he believes the future of insurance technology will focus on in the world of artificial intellegence.

About Mark
Mark Rieder, Head of Innovation at NFP, is inspired by faith, family and fatherhood to lead his company by example. Mark is a noted authority on the technology that drives insurance and employee benefits, having written and spoken extensively on these subjects.

About NFP
NFP is a leading property and casualty broker, benefits consultant, wealth manager, and retirement plan advisor. We enable client success through specialized expertise, innovative technologies, and enduring relationships with highly rated insurers, vendors and financial institutions across the globe. With more than 7,000 employees around the world, we are experts, leaders and advocates, all coming together to work towards one goal: to help our clients solve problems.

About PerfectQuote:
PerfectQuote is a group insurance quoting platform that helps benefits brokers and general agents procure, analyze and sell benefits insurance faster, error-free, and without any need for data entry. PerfectQuote is cloud-based software used by Top-50 agencies, regional, local firms, and general agencies operating within the employee benefits industry. PerfectQuote is proud to call Austin, Texas home.

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