Elek Pew, Head of Digital Partnerships, Beam Benefits

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Elek Pew, Head of Digital Partnerships at Beam Benefits joins P’s & Q’s Host Kevin Dawson for some Pints and Questions to share his story about Beam Benefits, his thoughts on the future of insurance, and the partnership between Beam and PerfectQuote.

Meet Beam: Beam Benefits is a digitally-native employee benefits company that offers dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental health coverage for employers of all sizes. The company simplifies and modernizes the $100+ billion ancillary benefits industry through its intuitive online platform, self-service tools, AI-powered underwriting, and thoughtful coverage for improved overall wellness. Its Beam Perks™ program offers incentives to members and rewards them for healthy behaviors. Beam has raised over $160 million in funding and is available in 44 states across the U.S. Learn more at beambenefits.com

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